Dekton Laurent


Bliss Projects specialises in the application of made-to-measure ceramic slabs material for interiors and exteriors. For example, for wall and floor covering. The choice of these materials is very large but Bliss Projects can help to make the right choice for the desired application.

On this page we show a number of stone types, brands that we can apply, but do not hesitate to ask for other possibilities.

Natural stone is often used in yacht building. Lightweight or not made by the use of aluminium honeycomb. Natural stone is a unique material, no plate or block made by nature is the same. This makes the use of such materials sought after by (interior) architects.

However, the application of natural stone can cause problems in use. The hardness, porosity, heat resistance, scratch resistance or weather influences can easily damage a stone. This does not mean that natural stone cannot be used. What matters is that the requirements of the material are carefully considered in certain situations.

Many “alternatives” have come onto the market in recent years. Think of quartz composite, porcelain and ceramic XXL slabs, sintered stone (Dekton, Neolith, Lapitec) and Solid Surface (Corian, Hi Macs).