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Bliss Projects BV… A new name in the “stone world”! But we are certainly not inexperienced!

For years we have been active in the application of natural stone and stone related materials on super yachts. In recent years we have specialised in the application of engineered stone within the super yacht building industry. From wall cladding, floor cladding in bathrooms, wellness areas to tables, kitchen tops and many more applications.

On our site you will find a small selection of the possibilities, applications and materials. But we are happy to help you make the right choice for the desired situation.

Project management

Project management

Bliss can take care of the entire process from selection to realisation of (natural) stone related projects. We work with proven brands, products and collaboration partners to make a brilliant end result.

Bliss can also be consulted for damage repairs or renovation of stone applications.

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We have a lot of experience in the application of (natural) stone and ceramic products in yacht building. From kitchen tops, table tops, bar tops, wall coverings and floor coverings in wellness areas, bathrooms, beach clubs and other rooms on super yachts.

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Bliss Projects can supervise and execute the entire project. But we can also only provide the installation for another stonemason.

Our working area is mainly the shipyards in the Netherlands, but other working areas are also possible.

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Limitless Options

Choosing the real thing or an imitation? It doesn’t seem like a choice… Surely real is the most beautiful thing there is?

We would like to convince you of the possibilities of artificial stone. But we will also tell you honestly what the limitations are or when the original is a better choice.


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